Compass Administration Services Ltd.

Compass Administration Services Ltd. (“CASL”), is the affiliated corporate services provider for ASW and is licensed under the Corporate Services Provider Business Act 2012 by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. CASL provides the full range of corporate administration services to Bermuda local and exempted companies, LLCs and partnerships. CASL’s expertise extends to a wide range of sectors, including insurance and reinsurance companies and captives, investments funds, segregated account companies, global conglomerates, shipping and aircraft entities and telecommunication networks to name a few.


CASL’s experienced corporate administrators work closely alongside and with the corporate lawyers at ASW to provide a seamless and complete service to its clients.

CASL provides the following services:

  • A Bermuda registered office
  • A Company Secretary or Assistant Secretary
  • Resident Directors, Alternate Directors and/or Resident Representative, which may be provided on a case by case basis
  • Information on the advice of ASW with respect to changes in Bermuda law materially affecting the statutory obligations of the Company
  • Boardroom and other support facilities at CASL’s offices for the holding of meetings of the client company
  • Formation services for local and exempted companies and exempted limited partnerships
  • Convening and holding, as required, all meetings of the board of directors (and any committees thereof) and of members (shareholders), record minutes of such meetings and prepare and circulate written resolutions when required
  • Assist in the implementation of decisions made by directors and members
  • Effect share issuances, transfers and redemptions in accordance with the bye-laws and statutory requirements
  • Facilitating banking arrangements
  • The filing of any statutory documents with Bermuda regulatory authorities, as may be necessary, including any applications
  • Liaising with members, directors and other authorised representatives of the client company and with the client company’s bankers, accountants, auditors and other professional advisers, as necessary
  • Custody and maintenance of the minute book and common seal
  • Maintaining the share register and the register of directors and officers
  • Filing and storage of accounts of the client company, as provided for by the company’s accountant
  • Custody of all pertinent corporate documents
  • Acting as share registrar and transfer agent of the client company
  • Working with an entity’s insurance manager, or fund manager, to assist in regulatory filings and maintenance of statutory records and registers of funds and insurers

The CASL Team

Laetitia Hupman

Corporate Manager

Camilla Hall

Corporate Manager (Consultant)

Lisa O’Sullivan

Assistant Corporate Manager (Consultant)

Susan Smith

Senior Corporate Administrator

Alexandra Schweizer

Senior Corporate Administrator

Rei-Ana Harris

Corporate Administrator

Latisha Wilson

Administrative Assistant